Yanalla Farms Dinner
Glass House Mountains, QLD



Saturday, 17 November 2018 4:00 pm


$198 per person, including a five course meal and paired wines*

Guest chef

Sean Heyward
Parliament House, Spicers Retreat, Elements of Byron

Featured producers

To be announced shortly, please check back soon!

Nestled into the shadows of the ancient volcanic plugs forming the Glass House Mountains, it’s a unique experience walking into Karen and Rob Martin’s bountiful fruit bowl. Their lush orchards showcase mouth-watering delights boasting rainbow hues planted in perfect rows featuring the juiciest lychees, dark red dragon fruit and their world-first PinksBlush variety of custard apples.

The unique PinksBlush was discovered in the family orchard during the 1990s as a single branch on a PinksMammoth variety of custard apple tree. The new PinksBlush variety fruits out of season (September to December, rather than July to September) and has a creamier taste and different skin colour.

By careful grafting onto root stock, the Martins have successfully developed several generations of the new variety and secured the plant-breeding rights. There is huge interest in the PinksBlush, particularly within the Asian culture, and the orchardists are carefully expanding their plantings from their own root stock to meet the growing demand.

The health benefits are yours for the taking, with the sweet, juicy and flavoursome custard apples full of vitamin C, as well as potassium and magnesium for heart health, while the vitamin A promotes healthy hair and skin. The dragon fruit’s dark red or pink skin and white juicy pulp produces vitamins C and B, omega 3 and 6, calcium, iron, phosphorous and more, all of which help to lower blood pressure and improve your eyesight. Vitamins C and B6, plus magnesium and iron in the lychees help our immune system and improve our digestion.

Chef Sean Heyward will bring all of these sensational tastes together perfectly in your outdoor five course dining experience, with each course paired with quality wines that are sure to help you savour this memorable occasion.

The late-spring weather is fine (17–29 °C on average in November), perhaps a little cooler in the early evening and worth bringing a light sweater just in case of a slight breeze.

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* Please note that a $6.00 payment processing fee also applies to each booking.

This event is produced in association with the Chemical Free Farmers Association.