Green Valley Farm Dinner
Beerwah, QLD



Saturday, 25 May 2019 2:00 pm


$198 per person, including a five course meal and paired wines, and (optional) pick up and drop off bus transfer from Beerwah*

Discount available for a party of six or more (click for more info)

Discount available for a designated driver (click for more info)

Guest chef

Sean Heyward
Parliament House, Spicers Retreat, Elements of Byron

Featured producers

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What a taste sensation is in store for us at Green Valley Agriculture in Beerwah on 25 May! Better known as Green Valley Finger Limes, Jade King and her family are passionate about sustainable and chemical free farm management.

At the farm, there are Brangus beef cattle and Wiltipoll sheep, as well as seasonal fruit and vegetables, and they specialise in finger limes and ginger.

And who can’t resist the exotic flavour of ‘Champagne Red’ finger lime pearls?

Just pause and take a moment to visualise this mouth-watering array of all these fine ingredients waiting for celebrated chef Sean Heyward to prepare for your dining pleasure!

Here is a little bit of background information about what awaits you as you join us in our restaurant without walls at the Green Valley Finger Lime farm in Beerwah:

  • Finger limes are a native Australian rainforest tree found in southeast Queensland and northern NSW, and yield fruit all year round. The fruit itself is a small cylindrical shape (about 120mm long and 20-30 mm thick) with a rind, within which are glossy ‘pearls’ that burst out when the rind is cut
  • Brangus cattle (a naturally polled cross between Brahman and Angus cattle) have been bred in Australia for the past 70 years and are highly regarded for their fertility, easy calving, maternal qualities, heat and parasite resistance, and their longevity
  • Wiltshire Horn sheep are a British breed - the polled sheep variety (the Wiltipoll) was developed in Australia for its docile nature and premium flavoured lean meat
  • Chemical-free seasonal fruit and vegetables are also grown at the farm, including strawberries, pineapples, beetroot, kale, broccoli and cauliflower
  • The farm also specialises in growing two types of ginger: the Canton (a tropical Asian variety used in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Indian and other south Asian cuisines) and Queensland varieties

Our carefully selected premium wines are paired to each of the five courses at our long-table dinner.

The best way to get to the farm is by our bus, which will pick you up and drop you off at Beerwah.

The total cost of the tickets is $198 per person, including five courses, paired wines and the bus.

* Please note that a $6.00 payment processing fee also applies to each booking.

This event is produced in association with the Chemical Free Farmers Association.